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Time window management with Time-Slot

Time-Slot enables you to operate your loading points more efficiently and
therefore more economically. Today, it is equally important for shippers and carriers to achieve the shortest possible down and wait times. First and foremost, this includes the ability to plan transport loading times.

The web-based time slot management system Time-Slot supports you in optimizing your loading and unloading processes. A completely new level of information exchange is created through the intelligent networking of freight forwarders, warehouse employees, shipping companies and warehouse management.

Your advantages through time window management with Time-Slot

Minimization of downtimes

Time slot management increases the ability to plan for both the shipper and the forwarding agent. That way, unnecessary stalling fees can be avoided.

High usability

The multilingual and easy-to-understand web interface of the time slot management system is easy to operate and allows you to get started quickly. All views can be specially adapted to your needs.

Improved communication

Time-Slot enables an exchange between shipper and forwarder. Tedious arrangements by phone are no longer necessary, leaving more time for more important work.

Avoiding bottlenecks

Bottlenecks are avoided through intelligent time slot management and optimized loading processes. Long truck queues at your loading ramps will be a thing of the past.

Transport status overview at all times

Detailed information is available for each transport. Nine different status reports show exactly which loading phase the vehicle is currently in.

Reduction of incorrect loading

Important information such as license plate number and loading number is displayed on optional hand-held devices directly during loading, which avoids incorrect loading.

How Time-Slot works

The time slot management software Time-Slot can be easily used and administered from any web browser. The multilingual user interface is intuitive to use. The high flexibility of the software guarantees a quick and cost-efficient integration into your existing internal processes.

All views can be adapted to your needs. If required, we would be happy to develop additional functional views that are tailored precisely to your needs. The time slot management system offers numerous functional views that support you in optimizing your processes:


For freight forwarders, the booking of time windows is divided into clear steps. The multilingual, easy-to-understand view enables quick and easy booking of time slots.

Time schedule

The schedule gives the administration a quick overview. The time windows are marked in color depending on the loading status. Gates that are temporarily unusable can be blocked or removed from the schedule as "not bookable".

Expedition Overview

A table with all the important details is available especially for the expedition. Arriving vehicles can be checked in and out with just a few clicks. Additional information such as pager number or destination can also be displayed as required.


With one click, the loading department marks the gate at which picking and loading will take place. The current loading status of the vehicles can be viewed at any time.

Transport Details

A detailed view is available for each transport, listing all relevant data. The status bar shows when the vehicle has gone through the different loading phases and which user was responsible for it.

Nine different times are recorded:

  • Creation of transport order 
  • Booking of time slot 
  • Checking in the vehicle at the warehouse 
  • Beginning and end of consignment 
  • Beginning and end of loading 
  • Checking out the vehicle from the warehouse 
  • Cancellation of the transport 
Statistics and evaluations

The statistics of the time window management system offer comprehensive evaluations, for example of downtimes, processing times and peak loads. The forwarding agent overview displays information about the punctuality and reliability of individual forwarding agents.

More information about the time slot management software Time-Slot


Data security
We take all necessary technical and organizational security measures to protect your data from loss and misuse. Your data is stored in a secure operating environment that is not accessible to the public. 

By using a reliable high-availability system in air-conditioned data centers with redundant internet connection and emergency power supply, we can guarantee availability of 99.9%. 

We only use the data you provide to fulfill the purpose determined by Time-Slot. 


For warehouse operators 
There are no investment or maintenance costs for you as the warehouse operator. Time-Slot is free of charge for you for the entire period of use. We ensure trouble-free operation with regular, free software updates. Costs are only incurred for individual program adjustments and additional services.

For carriers
When using Time-Slot, carriers incur a small fee of one euro (plus VAT) per booking.

Technical requirements

To use Time-Slot for your time slot management, all you need is internet access and current browser software with activated JavaScript. Alternatively, we can provide you with our terminal servers for a one-time setup fee.

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